Dear Sun Garden,

I just wanted to let you know I love your products….and you’ve got my husband hooked on your soap too. We love the way it leaves our skin moisturized without leaving that slimey residue.

The baby line works wonders on my daughters dry skin problems. After just a few times of using the baby soap and lotion, her extremely dry skin blotches were gone.

We’re so glad we found soap and lotion that nourishes our dry skin and recommend everyone give it a try, you’ll love it too.

Thanks again,
Karie M.

Waynesboro, VA

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Dear Sun Garden,

I have been using your soaps and lotions for some time now and what a difference in my skin. The dead sea mud soap seems to really draw the impurities from my face and leaves it feeling so clean. I use the magical mint lotion on my feet and wow…they feel so silky smooth. I am a big fan of your products, since I love the way they make my skin feel and look


Atlanta, GA

Dear Sun Garden,

I just love the Essential Lip Balm as well as your other products. I just had to write and tell about the latest episode involving cold sores. Normally I get one or two a year and last week I had a couple try to pop up on my lip. As soon as I felt them forming, I used the Essential Lip Balm like every hour…guess what….no cold sores. What a relief. I highly recommend this lip balm for everyone as I say it works to keep cold sores at bay.

Thanks for having a product that truly works and all natural.

Faye R.

Wilmington, NC


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